Bhedetar name given to that place by tourist themselves because there are many sheep (Nepali:- Bheda).So they called this place Bhedetar. We can see beautiful Dharan from Bhedetar. The forest covered from the Rhododendron is one of the attractions of this place. There is tower often called as “Charles Tower” from we can see entire Dharan and other mountains. We can view Char Kosh Jadi (one of the dense forest in Nepal), Saptakoshi River(One of the biggest river in Nepal), Dhankuta Bazaar.

We can reach Bhedetar from Dharan. Bhedetar has 22.6 km distance from Dharan. From Dharan, we can easily reach Bhedetar by using local bus or we can reserve or book taxi or tempos. Fare in the local bus to reach Bhedetar from Dharan is Rs.60 for a single person but we can charge up to Rs.1000 when we book or reserve taxi and other vehicles.

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