Frequently Asked Questions

In the vicinity of the Nepal Tourist Office is a tourist police force. The airport and Basantapur Durbar Square also have report counters. Specific English instruction is given to the tourist police and comprehensive local knowledge is provided for tourists You can contact any of our officers from 4-247041 and 4-4268969 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. for surveillance and travel assistance.
Autumn (mid-September-November) is the best tourist season in Nepal, as summer has gone by and winter is coming. The weather is very good and the mountain views are very pleasant Spring is also considered an acceptable season (March-May). The climate in the lowlands is slightly warm but cool in higher altitudes, and the views to the mountains are plenty of opportunities. This is also the season for flowers to bloom and Nepal's national flower –rhododendron overlooks the magnanimous color and grace in the rising highlands. Often approved for winter trips and safari and low altitude treks of less than 4000 meters (January to February).
It's completely comfortable for travelers in Nepal. First of all, Nepal is seen as one of the world's peaceful countries (it maybe even better than your country of origin). Additionally, while you are on one of our journeys, we are taking personal responsibility for your well-being, a responsibility that is a very serious undertaking.