Jagadamba Adventutes Terms and Conditions

Travel insurance:

Jagadamba Holidays necessitates you to have travel insurance which must include medical coverage, air ambulance, and rescue services for helicopters. We also strongly advise that our customers be on the safe side by applying for cancellation insurance. Please bear in mind that the insurance policies cover most of the travel operation you undertake and provide all safeguards. As evidence prior to the official trip, we will need a copy of your insurance statement. If due to any reason, you are unable to provide us with an insurance certificate, you will be compelled to make a relevant policy/agreement on your own.


The agency is not liable for the voluntary termination or cancellation of the trip by the client, consequently, the amount received by the agency will not be refunded once the tour has commenced. When, over any reason, the customer cancels or wants to delay their scheduled tour, their payments continue to be available until they are prepared for the tour. Put it another way, a scheduled trip can be passed to someone else. The Agency shall not be liable to refund any amount if the tour has been canceled or postponed due to the personal reasons of the traveler or any unforeseen circumstances.

If the customer has not used any particular service during the journey, such as lodging, guided tours, food, transport, etc., whatever service stays unused on the trip will not be offered to refund. The agency will use its flexibility to set the conditions for refunds, which ensures that very few of the conditions listed are subject to negotiation. The agency does have the right to cancel trips ordered by the customer until they have been scheduled to function or a legal document has been signed. A trip will indeed be generally expected if a traveler has completely paid, except as otherwise specified by minimum numbers.

Payment methods:

The agency introduces two viable and secure transaction methods (Master / Visa / American Express / Union Pay / JCB / SCT Card) for bank transfers and credit cards. The customer must clearly indicate the payment method and provide the agency with all relevant credit card details while completing the reservation formal application. That being said, before leaving Kathmandu, the agency must be paid the balance due in cash.


In order to book your holidays, you must follow various procedures with Jagadamba Holidays. Keep in mind that the word “trip” on the website applies to all travel routes planned for different packages, including trek, walks, tours, hikes, excursions, etc.

With a 100% deposit (07 days before the starting date of the tour) we will approve your last minute booking. Booking with Jagadamba on your holiday, you recognize that Jagadamba Holiday will not go through the very same adventure trips that you are used to or will expect in your homes: lodging, transportation, protection, health, communications facilities, infrastructure development, and healthcare facilities. Inherent to this sort of trip, you recognize a high degree of personal harm.